Computer Nightmare

8th place:  Recurring Dream by leiframsey

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Maybe not your worst nightmare, but it could be if you watch this enough! What if everything was lost in a freak accident, all my stuff and I could never get it back?? Have a laugh on us!


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Make and submit a video of your worst computer nightmare and you could win a cornucopia of fantastic prizes, including: a trip for two to Hawaii, a fully-loaded MacPro or one of several other prizes too fabulous to mention here.

Created by: Mozy

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Please Go see arsoneffect's comment to tobuscus, in which he basically says that your video (and everyone else's) sucks. Leave him a nice comment if you get a chance.type your comment here.


great video, dont know how i missed it earlier.


wow its so transcendental, grasping at the narrative threads of the french post new wave genre. crashing computers juxtaposed with computers actually crashing? magical


austinkp, this is a video comment section. If you really feel the need to be ridiculous and complain about me,try my profile. Plus, I don't make videos, I just liked these. to leiframsey:I'm sorry about my earlier "accusation" but I was just trying to explain the MAC address process to I-phone fan. About the video: I didn't quite understand this one, but that's probably because I don't understand this style. Nicely put together!


jazzdog, just accept that some people make better videos than you. If you weren't so bitter, maybe you'd have more friends that voted for you too...


well lots of work myspacing and facebooking everybody i know.


Exactly my question Iphonean24. I suspect that Leiframsey may have created around 100 accounts- but the MAC id Or Ip address should red-flag Votigo, if this is true.


how is there 175 ratings in 1 night?


Wow, 173 people by midnight, and all 5 stars? Where are these people coming from?