Computer Nightmare

3rd place:  Dial Mac For Murder [Letterboxed Final] by canasian

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A diabolical death-mac-machine is found at the scene of a gruesome murder. Will death find Jared too?


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Contest Description
Make and submit a video of your worst computer nightmare and you could win a cornucopia of fantastic prizes, including: a trip for two to Hawaii, a fully-loaded MacPro or one of several other prizes too fabulous to mention here.

Created by: Mozy

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keep your good work. you guys are great.


Go see arsoneffect's comment to tobuscus, in which he basically says that your video (and everyone else's) sucks. Leave him a nice comment if you get a chance.


I thought it was brilliant


great story, sadly the video had two flaws: (1) when screaming, the sound gets distorted. (2) the video coloring/contrast for some scenes are inconsistent, some shine and others dont. great overall!


children nice !!!!


AustinKP, please keep this comment section for the video, not name calling. As I earlier said, this video is quite good, but I think a few of the other videos are better (no offense meant). Great job, Canasian.


also, jon just happens to be well-liked, and has many friends. He wasn't the only one encouraging votes...


jazzdog, your jealousy is embarrassing. If you submitted a video that didn't get as many votes (or as high of votes), learn to make better videos. Personal responsibility Man!


And for your information, 'Recurring Dream' has 178 votes all in one day. It's not unreasonable.


Then early afternoon I emailed via gmail (because I would have had to type about 150 email addresses by hand if I had done it via the referral tool) over 100 friends/family who do not have facebook. Had I been aware of the other contest I would have sent them that link instead of the one to his page. All told, over 1000 people knew about this vid and contest. Turns out I reached less than 1/4 of them. So how about you cool your jets and lay off a little, okay?